Gentle on your hair & skin

Bamboo natually rich in silica, which can help promote healthy skin and hair leaving it soft and supple

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OUR eco-conscience bedding is made from bamboo that is carefully harvested, ensuring the bamboo is able to reshoot, and grow again.

One of the most sustainable plants in the world, bamboo uses less water, naturally repels pests, and is fast growing.

Unlike other materials, bamboo in textile form is able to retain many of the properties that it has as a plant


LUSH 300TC sateen weave, is softer than the highest-grade cotton. Silky and smooth, when you are wrapped in them it feels like sleeping in a cloud.

Our bamboo sheets are woven into the luxurious one-yarn-under and three-yarn-over sateen weave.

This process exposes more thread surface, giving it a silky smooth feel and luxurious sheen.


Who wants to spend endless hours laundering bamboo sheets, not us. Simply throw them into the machine on a gentle wash, put them on the line to air dry or tumble dry on a low setting, take them out of the dryer and pop them straight onto the bed for a great wrinkle free result.

Bamboo retains these qualities even after many washes. The natural reduction of bacteria helps repel odour, keeping your sheets, fresh and odour free.


Bamboo naturally wicks moisture and odor away from your skin, making them the perfect all-year round sheets for the most comfortable sleep no matter what season.

Unlike some others, Bamtek Bamboo sheets are 100% viscose derived from bamboo and are not blended with any other materials, our 100% bamboo sheets have the OKEO-TEX 100 Standard certification.

Naturally moisture wicking organic sheets that will keep the moisture away from your body.Naturally breathable and cooling, a lifeline for those who suffer from night sweats.

What our Customers are Saying!

"Best sheets ever!I bought these sheets for my parents’ anniversary. I’ve been wanting to get bamboo products for my mom for a while because she refuses to wear anything that isn’t cotton because she is always hot and cotton is horrible for the environment. I like bamboo as an alternative because it is heat wicking and much more sustainable.These sheets are on the inexpensive end for 100% bamboo (which I definitely wanted). My mother absolutely loves them. She told me that it’s the first time in years that she hasn’t woken up in the middle of the night sweating. My dad loves them because they are so soft and he can grab an extra blanket and doesn’t get woken in the middle of the night by my mom.I’m just bought a new house and the first thing I’m getting when I move in are these sheets for both my room and the guest room."


- Addie

"These are really soft and silky. I have been trying to describe them to neighbors and family, but I have to tell them it's hard to put into words. They are almost liquid feeling. I have never felt anything like this. I have just washed them twice but they seem like they are going to remain just as they came. Great packaging in a fancy little box. I can't wait for my cleaning lady to discover them. I haven't decided if I'm going to tell her in advance or not. A good purchase and I would recommend them to anyone."


- Dan Rain

"The best bed sheets I ever had. they are exactly like the others 5 star review on Amazon. A bit regret that they don't have other size in AU but only US which made me decided to purchase similar thing but scrap from Ebay. If you need queen size, better by from Bamtek Amazon. Highly recommend Bamtek."


- Alex Australia

Modern, stylish, ultra light and breathable

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