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We all know that sleeping in luxury bamboo bedding is just like sleeping in a cloud, but did you know that silky smooth bamboo sheets have added beauty benefits? 
First, you can wave goodbye to frizzy bed hair, the silky smooth sateen weave of bamboo sheets is like a treatment for damaged or frizzy hair. Traditional cotton pillowcases are rough which creates friction.  This friction roughs up your hair and can make it frizzy, and even cause damaged hair to break further. Silky bamboo is gentle on your hair,  it is so silky smooth that there’s no tension or pulling on your hair through the night. Imagine having your hair done, sleeping and waking up with it still looking as fabulous as the night before.
Not only will sleeping on sumptuous silky bamboo make your hair look better, bamboo repels moisture, helping your hair retain its natural oils. Sleeping on bamboo pillowcases every night will improve the look and feel of your hair in the long term by improving its overall health and texture, in comparison to rougher cotton pillowcases which can cause breakage.
The same qualities in our silky bamboo pillowcases can improve your skin, too. 
Don’t wake up with dry itchy skin, from moisture absorbing cotton, choose a pillowcase that glides off your skin, leaving it smooth.
Bamboo sheets also have added benefits for acne sufferers and those with sensitive skin, as bamboo naturally has hypoallergenic, antibacterial and
anti-fungal properties ideal for keeping your face bacteria (and blemish) free. 
Who knew you could treat your skin and hair by sleeping in bamboo luxury?
It’s the easiest, most enjoyable beauty treatment you’ll ever have.

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"Sleep is essential for both mental and physical rejuvenation, and is key to achieving balance and harmony in life." - Arianna Huffington.